If you get white colors after a test, this might be due to the below:


Lack of water in the testing chamber 

o  Check if the silicon “sample” tube is connected to the water tank with no air bubbles

o   Calibrate your testing chamber pump (Check calibration procedure)

Lack of Chemical reagents

o  Check if the chemical reagents quantity is above the minimum permissible level (50 %) and if they are in the right chemical positions.

To check the reagents’ quantity:

1.  Log in to Reef Kinetics App

2. Go to your Bot

3. Go to Dashboard

4.  You can check the percentage of each reagent

Clogged syringe

o  During a test, observe if the syringe is withdrawing reagents and if not, replace the syringe with a new one

Black spinner not functioning

o   During the test chamber calibration, observe

if the black spinner is spinning properly under the test chamber and if not, kindly contact support


White magnetic stirrers are missing in the chambers

o  Look inside the chambers to make sure that the white magnetic stirrers are inside

the chambers