• Connect “WASTE” to waste container with the 2 meter silicon sample tube and connect “RODI” and “TANK” with the 2 meter silicon sample tube.
  • Make sure the RO is full and waste is empty by checking them through the App.
  • Shake the reagents from 2-4 minutes or as indicated by the test kits before emptying them in our glass vials.
  • Label all the vials with the correct parameter and reagent names before placing them in the ReefBot vial’s rack.
  • Make sure the glass vials has one magnetic stirrer placed inside before emptying the reagents.
  • Make sure that both the testing and RO chambers include a magnetic stirrer before any tests and calibration.


  • Don’t remove the PTFE from the glass vials.
  • Don’t run a test while the cover is removed.
  • Don’t restart or turn the power off while you are running a test.
  • Don’t run tests before placing magnetic stirrers in both the testing and RO chambers.
  • Don’t switch caps or vials between different reagents.
  • Don't connect the RODI straight to an RODI filter. Always use a 0 TDS DI water.