Kindly follow the below steps ONLY IF requested by our customer support team.

  • Download the image from :

          Refer to to download the correct image

  • For Windows and Mac

1.Download and install balenaEtcher from:

2. Run balenaEtcher

3. Plug in your 16 GB class 10 SD card

4. Click select image after extracting the downloaded image

5. Click on "Select image" and choose the image from the desired path

6. The drive will be automatically selected after choosing the image

7. Click on "Flash" and wait for the process to finish

8. When done, plug the SD card to the ReefBot and restart

9. LED indicators should turn red

10. Wait for around 3 minutes and plug an Ethernet cable

11. LED indicators should be blinking blue after another 3 minutes

12. Connect the ReefBot using the app from ( Bot settings> Edit> Change wifi connections)