How can I calibrate RO and reaction chambers?

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Open the Reef Kinetics App. Select the Bot that is assigned to your tank from the menu tab. Go to maintenance page and follow the below points:

1. Select the Calibration type from the drop down menu and click Calibrate to fill the vial. Please wait for the process to finish and for the LED indicators to turn orange.

2. Measure the value: Using the plastic dropper, withdraw the sample in the corresponding chamber. It is highly recommended that the plastic dropper is degassed (squeezed) before putting it in the water sample. Empty the content of the plastic dropper in the plastic graduated cylinder. Repeat the above steps several times until the chamber is completely empty.

3. Hold the cylinder vertically and at eye level to take the reading. Take the liquid measurement at the middle of the dip in the surface of the liquid. This dip is called the meniscus; it forms because liquid molecules are more attracted to the walls of the cylinder than they are to each other. Type in the measured volume.

4. Click Calibrate. The device should now be calibrated.

5. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make sure your device is well calibrated.




- The water level in the reaction chamber should be calibrated to exactly 5.0 mL 

- The optimum volume during RO chamber calibration is 8.0 ml, however, any volume between 7-9 mL is also acceptable. 

-If the volume in the RO chamber is 12 mL or greater, kindly contact support to rectify the RO calibration settings to their default values.

- Kindly repeat the procedure more than one time until you get a 5.0 ml volume in the testing chamber and an acceptable value in the RO chamber.

- Make sure that you suck all the volume inside the chambers at the end of the calibration test

- Make sure when you read the volume inside the graduated cylinder that it does not contain air bubbles. 

-After you type the volume on the App, the ReefBot will update it’s calibration settings by changing it’s LED colors from solid blue to orange and back again to solid blue. This means that the ReefBot had accepted the calibration values you have entered. Please do not send a new calibration test when the LEDs are still orange. Otherwise, it will not accept your calibration values.

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